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March 28, 2017


Jared Kushner to Interview Congress about Russian Interference, Protests in Russia Against Putin, Avalanche in Japan Kills High School Students, Domestic-Mass Shooting in Florida, Parents Accused of Murdering Deaf Son and Burning Home to Cover Up, and Moth Announcements. 



Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Monday, March 27. Ready for news? 




Here’s four top stories:


President Trump’s Senior Adviser (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner, will represent the Trump administration in interviews with a Senate investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Why him? He was the “official point of contact” for communications with foregin governments and officials during the campaign and the transition. 


Yesterday in Russia there were tens of thousands of people who protested against Putin and government corruption. They protested in 82 different cities including the Russian capital Moscow. The protests were deemed illegal and over 1,000 people were arrested — many of them now released. The protests were sparked by an outspoken leader against Putin — Alexei Navalny — who recently reported that Russian PM Medvedev had many mansions, yachts, and vineyards, even while many people in Russia were struggling with poverty. Some people also wanted Russia to stop being invovled in geopolitics and focus on their country. Navalny was recently attacked when someone threw a green liquid on his face— leaving it green for several days. He was arrested during the protests and has a 15-day prison sentence. Navalny hopes to run against Putin for president in 2018, but he was recently accused of embezzling (stealing) over $250,000 — he says it is a fake charge designed to ruin his future political chances. 


In Japan — there was an avalanche that hit a group of 40 high school students and 8 teachers who were taking mountain climbing lessons. Sadly, seven students and a teacher died. Many were injured, some critically. There was an alert for an avalanche at the time and there will be an investigation in why the group still climbed during dangerous conditions. 


This morning around 6 am in Sanford, Florida — a gunman shot four people in a house — killing a woman, an adult, and two children, ages 7 and 8 — and then randomly shot at people outside, then was finally stopped and arrested by police. There was an apparent domestic argument before the shooting between the gunman and a woman — police was called twice to solve the altercation, but the gunman went back a third time and shot at people. Terrible. The gunman is a 31-year old man, Allen Cashe. 




In upstate New York, a 16-year old Deaf boy with autism and other disabilities died in a house fire on March 1. His name was Jeffrey Franklin and he was adopted several years ago by hearing parents — Ernest and Heather Franklin. 


At first, people thought the fire and the boy’s death was accidental — but after an investigation — police have accused the parents of killing the boy and then setting the home on fire to cover it up. 


An autopsy showed that Jeffrey did not die from the fire — but from another cause. They haven’t revealed what caused Jeffrey to die, but apparently he died/ was murdered on February 28, the night before the fire — reported 1 am on March 1. 


Investigators say the fire started from a wooden stove that the family used to heat their home — a double-wide trailer. The boy’s body was found in the bedroom. 


The county sheriff said when they investigated the scene, they saw some red flags. When they interviewed the couple, they were cooperative at first but later stopped talking and asked for a lawyer. 


Police have indicted the couple with second-degree murder, arson, and tampering with evidence last Friday. Both are still in jail without bail. Heather is currently around 5 months pregnant. Ernest was an Iraqi War veteran.


After the fire, the couple raised around $11,000 via GoFundMe to help them — but after the police charges — GoFundMe has taken down the page and said they’ve refunded the donors because it was “not true” -- after the police investigation.


If the charges are true, it is a terrible thing. We’ll see what happens in court. If guilty, they face a maximum penalty of 25 years to life in prison.




I will be on a week-long trip to visit Gallaudet University starting tomorrow until next Monday. I will be doing some filming for various features there this week. This weekend, I’ll be covering the National Academic Bowl Tournament. Teams will start arriving on Saturday, competition starts on Sunday and continues until Monday afternoon. I will be giving you recaps and updates on the scores and the environment there over the weekend. 


Monday evening at 6 pm is the Third Place Match and after that the Championship match — it will be streamed LIVE on Gallaudet’s website and I will be your online host. I will provide you information on how you can watch Monday’s championship match. Very exciting. 


This means I will be unable to provide normal news for Tuesday-Thursday, but I’ll provide news this weekend! So it’s going to be a “disjointed” week.  


I hope to be able to post briefly videos or photos on Facebook, so be sure to follow me @TheDailyMoth on Facebook. That is all for today, see you later this weekend, and stay with the light! 

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