Deaf Business Spotlight: Clare Cassidy Photography

March 24, 2017



ALEX: Hello, for today’s Deaf Business Spotlight, we’ll feature Clare Cassidy Photography. 


This business is in its third year of operation. Clare first discovered her passion for photography from Instagram, and has since developed into a professional photographer with her own studio and travels extensively.  


Clare photographs a wide spectrum of subjects, be it newborns, weddings, business headshots, or for activism. 


Convo’s Bay Area Community Curator, Karina Pedersen, has gone to Clare’s business to film it and I’ve asked her several questions. Here it is! 





(Video shots of exterior of photo studio) 


KARINA: Hello I am now here at the Clare Cassidy Photography studio. 


(Video clips of Clare taking photographs of a baby) 


CLARE: Hi, I’m Clare Cassidy of Clare Cassidy Photography. This is my studio. I love this place. I call this place “Falling Phoenix.” 


(Video clips of Clare taking more photographs of the baby and an image of the child) 


CLARE: When I shoot photographs, I do absorb the body language, the environment, and try to capture the essence of the family, the child, or the moment. 


(Images of two different families) 


(Video of Clare walking out of her studio and meeting with a client who has a family. Clare takes photographs of the children and the mother)


MOTHER/CLIENT:  My kids love her. She brings out the best in people. 


(Two images of different kids from the family photo shoot) 


CLARE: My favorite part is when the parents, family, or friends help to groom a child’s hair or fit its clothes. The child always looks at me with the camera. Their eyes are locked into the camera. So I shoot that and it’s an intense moment. 


(Images of two different children looking straight to the camera) 


CLARE: It shows that when there’s chaos around a child, even though it’s innocent, it is acutely aware of my camera and makes eye contact with me. 


(Image of Clare with her three sons)


CLARE: That’s how I started my business — kids. 


(Video clips of Clare playing with and interacting with her three sons) 


CLARE: I love taking photos through Instagram. I’ve always loved photography growing up, but Instagram showed me the concept of changing colors and editing. It was Instagram. I played with it and took images of my kids. Some people asked me to take photos of their kids because according to the Instagram posts, I “had an eye” for it. So I went for it and practiced with a newborn baby. I realized I could do it — but newborn photography isn’t easy. So I decided to look at YouTube videos and taught myself, practiced, and from there — I knew I wanted to be a photographer. 


(Two images of two different newborn babies) 


CLARE: 85% of my clients are hearing. I meet them through network — and I don’t know who they are, and I’m naturally a bit nervous when I meet them as they don’t know sign language. But at the end, we are in awe of each other and we stay in touch, most of the time. When I take maternity photos, they ask me to do the birth photos, then when it is 6 months old, when it’s one — we have a relationship. 


(Two images of two different families) 


CLARE: My favorite part is relationships with clients. 


(Video of Clare taking photos and interacting with clips of two different family clients. The last clip shows the camera panning left to show a photo gallery inside Clare’s studio) 




ALEX: What a cool studio and clearly Clare is a talented photographer who is able to connect with both hearing and Deaf clients. You can follow her Instagram @ifyouwereachild or her website at 




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