London Terror Attack Updates: Suspect and Victims Identified

March 23, 2017


Updates about the terrorist attack yesterday in London: 


There was only one attacker — identified as Khalid Masood, 52. He was the person who drove a rented SUV on the bridge near the Parliament — killing two people and injuring 40 people before crashing into a gate outside of Parliament. He then ran on the Parliament grounds and stabbed and killed a policeman before being shot — he later died at the hospital. 


ISIS put out a statement that accepted responsibility for the attack, saying it was a response to the airstrikes that killed ISIS people. But it was not clear if Masood was in direct communication with ISIS to do this attack or if ISIS just “honored” Masood as one of their own. 


Masood was born in Britain — he was not a refugee or an immigrant. He was a British citizen. He was known to police and had a criminal history including assault and weapons, was previously under “watch,” but was not under any terrorism-related investigations. He had a wife and a young child. 


An American was one of the people who died on the bridge. His name was Kurt Cochran, age 50, and he was from Utah, visiting London with his wife to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. His wife was seriously injured and is in the hospital. 


The UK police officer who died when Masood attacked him with a knife is Keith Palmer, age 48. He was wounded in the head, arm, and under his rib cage. He is hailed as a hero for standing his ground and stopping Masood when he ran to him. Unfortunately he did not have a gun with him — more than 90% of police in the UK are unarmed, but that might change in the future. There were tributes to honor him with flowers. 


A Spanish woman was one of the people who died on the bridge. Her name was Aysha Frade, 43, and she lived and worked in London as a teacher. She left work and was crossing the bridge as she usually does when she was hit by the SUV. There was a memorial to honor her in Spain. 


The French high school group who were on the bridge — there were 36 students visiting and three of them were injured from the SUV, two of them seriously. 


The woman who fell into the river after being hit by the SUV is a 29-year old architect from Romania. She is in critical condition and had brian surgery to remove a blood clot. 


The rest of the injured were from several different countries. 29 people are still in the hospital. 


There was a moment of silence in Parliament and at the Scotland Yard (London police HQ) to honor the victims.


The UK Prime Minister Theresa May said in a speech that the terrorist act tried to silence “our democracy” but that they would continue to meet as normal to send a message that we are not afraid. 


London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is himself Muslim — said “we must not allow terrorists to succeed and destroy our way of life. He announced a candlelight vigil tonight in UK. 


President Trump said on Twitter that his prayers and condolences are with the family and friends of Kurt Cochran (the American who died). He has offered full cooperation and support to the UK.

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