Terrorist Attack at U.K. Parliament Building Grounds

March 22, 2017



There was a terrorist attack at the U.K. Parliament Building area in London that killed at least three people. 


A person drove a SUV into people walking on a bridge leading to the parliament building, hitting at least 10 people. 


One woman died on the scene and many were seriously injured. 


A female body was floating in the river but was fortunately pulled out to safety, but with serious injuries. Some French high school students were wounded.  


The SUV crashed into the gate leading to the main building (just outside of the Big Ben clock). 


Then — a man ran towards the Parliament building with a large knife and stabbed a police officer.  The man was shot, ending the attack. Sadly, the police officer died. 


It is not clear if the driver of the SUV and the knifeman was the same person or two people possibly working together. 


This happened while Members of Parliament were in session and voting. The Prime Minister Teresa May was there. The Parliament was locked down and PM May was taken away to safety in a car. 


There was a big police presence that cordoned the area off. There were multiple ambulances and helicopters circling. 


There is not clear information on who the knifeman is — but from this image of him handcuffed on a stretcher with apparent gunshot wounds — he seems to be a middle-aged man with brown skin. He had a beard and wore black pants and a black shirt. 


In total, four people died — the knifeman, a pedestrian on the bridge, the police office, and an unidentified fourth person — probably another pedestrian on the bridge. 


I’ll update you on who the attacker is and what his possible motives were. No terrorist organization has accepted responsibility. 


It is the latest attack in Western Europe — on Sunday there was an attempted attack at Paris’ Orly Airport when a 39-year old man, Ziyed Belgacem, a French citizen, grabbed a female solider from behind and help a 9mm pellet gun against her head, then tried to grab the solider’s gun,  shouting that he wanted to die in the name of Allah and that there would be deaths. He was shot dead by two other soldiers. 


Today is also the one-year anniversary of last year’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium — where there were two explosions at the airport and at a metro station that killed 32 people. ISIS was responsible.


The rest of Europe is on edge right now. There will be increased security everywhere. 


Daily Mail Article/Photos: http://dailym.ai/2nJSKNe


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