Restrictions on Electronic Devices in Direct Flights From 8 Countries

March 21, 2017



The Trump administration ordered passengers on direct flights from eight countries to place any electronic device that is larger than a cell phone — such as laptops, tablets, or cameras — to check it in baggage. They can’t carry it in the plane’s cabin. The countries are: Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, and the UAE. The new rule started this morning and will impact around 50 flights. 


The Dept. of Homeland Security said this was because they got new intelligence that terrorist organizations want to blow up planes. 


The U.K. has also restricted the eight countries and added flights from Lebanon and Tunisia. The U.K. said they got the same intelligence as the U.S.


One interesting thing — none of the 8 countries that are restricted are the same as the 6 countries as Trump’s executive order to ban any visitors or refugees — (which was blocked in a Hawaiian federal court).


Such explosive devices could be a bomb in a soda can that brought down a Russian jet that originated in Egypt in October 2015 and a laptop bomb that caused a hole in a flight that originated from Somalia. 


Some were confused on what difference it would make if a bomb was in the cargo area or in the cabin — and it seems to be related to how advanced the bomb is. It is easier to explode a device if you have it “with you” rather than put a timing device in a checked bag and “hope” it doesn’t explode when luggage handlers move it or for it to explode while the plane is delayed. The checks for luggage is also more effective than the TSA passenger checks — (Other countries’ “TSA.”)  


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