Manhunt for High-School Teacher Who Abducted 15-Year Old Student

March 20, 2017



In Tennessee — there is a big manhunt for a 50-year old high-school teacher who apparently has convinced a 15-year old freshman student to run away with him last week.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said they are very concerned about the well-being of the girl — Elizabeth Thomas —  and thinks the teacher — Tad Cummins — had been grooming the girl to convince her to run away with him for some time, telling her that he used to work for the FBI and CIA. 


The TBI admitted they have no idea where the two are. The TBI said they can’t track them because both of their cell phones are turned off and they have not used their credit or debit cards. The TBI said they could be anywhere and might be living “off the grid.”   


The TBI thinks Tad had been planning for this time and have charged him with aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor — and put it on their list of “Most Wanted.” Tad is armed with two handguns. 


The school has now fired the teacher. The high school is now in hot water because the school disclosed they previously suspended the teacher after a report by another student that Tad kissed the girl in the classroom. The school ended up separating the two — but there was another report of both being in the same classroom again. So the school suspended the teacher, but this was not immediately notified to the girl’s parents — the girls father found out from a deputy who was investigating the case. The father got a lawyer to object. Now that they’ve disappeared, there’ll be more pressure on the school for not acting earlier. 


They were last seen last week — the girl was at Shoney’s restaurant while Tad was next door at a gas station filling up his SUV. Later that afternoon the last sign of them was 80 miles away in Alabama, and nothing since then. 


Hope they find the two as soon as possible and that the girl will be safe. Tad’s wife addressed Tad via the media, begging him to turn himself in to the police and bring the girl home. 


The TBI has asked anybody with knowledge to send in tips, There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to Tad’s capture. 



CBS Article:

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