FBI and NSA Directors Testify Before House Intelligence Committee

March 20, 2017



Today the FBI Director James Comey and the NSA Director Michael Rogers testified before a House Intelligence Committee to talk about the Russian influence on the Trump campaign and President Trump’s accusations of Obama ordering a wiretap. 


Comey said they have no information of any kind to support President Trump’s claim that there was a wiretapping order by Obama on Trump Tower. He said the FBI has no information that supports Trump’s tweets. 


The NSA Chief said there was no U.S./British collaboration with British Intelligence to “wiretap” Trump Tower. (Previously the Trump administration said the British helped with the wiretapping).


The FBI director confirmed that the FBI was investigating possible links and communications between the Trump team and Russia, but did not give details because the investigation is still ongoing.


Both Comey and Rogers confirmed that Russians did hack into DNC computer servers, but did not comment specifically about the investigation — saying it was still ongoing (started July of last year.) 


The NSA Chief said Russians did hack into the DNC and Podesta email accounts and disseminated that information, then said there was no equivalent “hack/release” on the RNC email accounts. The FBI said it seems like the Russians used a third party to transmit the information to Wikileaks.


Both directors agreed that the Russians wanted to influence the election to support Trump, but did not say if it did change the outcome of the election. 


Both the FBI/NSA said they have no evidence that votes from the 2016 election were changed in any U.S. state from Russian hacking. 


Congressmen asked about leaks of classified information to reporters — such as the leak about Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador — and whether the FBI would investigate those leaks. Comey wouldn’t confirm if they did investigate, but agreed that leaks were a serious problem. 


He also said most of the leaks were inaccurate and that they might have come from people who were “outside” intelligence circles. 


So far — we see that there is an ongoing investigation on if the Russian/Trump team colluded (but no evidence presented), that the FBI/NSA thinks Russians did try to influence the election against Hillary, that there is no evidence of Trump’s wiretapping claims, that there were no votes that were changed as a result of Russian hacking, and that FBI/NSA thinks the leaks to media are a serious problem. 

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