Wikileaks to Show Tech Companies CIA Hacking Techniques

March 9, 2017



Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said they would allow tech companies to look at the leaked CIA spying blueprints (the second batch from the Vault 7 leak on Tuesday). This part has more details about how to break through tech programs, apps, and devices.


Wikileaks said they want to allow tech companies time to fix their vulnerabilities before the information is released to the public. 


Julian said he wants to protect journalists and people in the world from being hacked by those weapons — and since they use Google, Apple, or Samsung technology — Julian would give the tech companies time to build up defenses. 


Julian Assange criticized the CIA, saying they were very incompetent to create this technology and store it in one place without securing it. 


Google and Apple has made statements saying they have already updated their technology to prevent the hacking, but other companies said they are looking through the "new" information. 


The FBI have started a criminal investigation of how the documents got to Wikileaks. 


The CIA said it is their mission to aggressively collect foregin information from overseas to protect America from terrorists, hostile countries, and other enemies — but that the CIA is prohibited from electronically spying on people here at home and does not do that. 


Julian spoke from a press conference at the Embassy of Ecuador in London — he’s been there since 2012 — staying there to avoid being extradited (brought over) to Sweden on sexual assault charges or to the U.S. on espionage (spying) charges. 


USA Today Article:

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