Sen. Kaine's Son Arrested for Disrupting Pro-Trump Rally

March 8, 2017



Virginia Senator Tim Kaine — who ran with Hillary Clinton to be the VP — his 24-year old son was arrested on Saturday for being a group that disrupted a rally supporting President Trump at the Minnesota state capital.


The son’s name is Linwood Kaine and he is Sen. Kaine’s youngest son. He lives in Minnesota and goes to college there.


What he did — he was with a group of people who set off a smoke bomb inside the capitol building rotunda, blew air horns, chanted, whistled, and lit fireworks. Police were called and when they saw the group at a park near the Capitol, they ran off in different directions.


An officer chased Linwood and tried to tackle him, but he got away, then another officer sprayed him with a chemical irritant. Linwood continued to resist, then officers took him to the ground, kneed him, and handcuffed him — taking him to jail. The group was arrested on suspicion of second-degree rioting. 


Linwood was released from jail on Tuesday, no charges filed against him, but there is a pending investigation with possible misdemeanor charges against the group — six people total.


Sen. Kaine issued a statement — in which he said he loves that his children has their own views and concerns about the current political climate, and that they fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.


The Trump rally’s organizers said they were upset and disappointed that young people interrupted their celebration for the president — but that it didn’t seriously impact the rally. 


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