The Daily Moth + Convo Announcement

March 6, 2017




ALEX: When I started “The Daily Moth,” it was my vision to provide the latest news in ASL for the Deaf community. 

The Daily Moth have been able to continue up to now from the support of the community, donations, and business relationships. I am grateful for your support and I look forward to continuing that relationship. 

Now, I am proud to announce that The Daily Moth has a major sponsor for 2017 and beyond — Convo. 

Convo is a company that I’ve always admired for their commitment to supporting Deaf-owned businesses across America. Convo is a Deaf-owned and Deaf-run company. I agree and support Convo’s values.

This sponsorship -- what does it mean? They will provide high-quality graphics — like this. [Graphic with updated Moth logo]. Nice! 

They have also provided a new studio, new lights, and a very nice camera. Check it out! 

[Second camera pans backwards and shifts to follow Alex as he walks around the studio]. 

Alex: Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth studio, provided by Convo! Check out the new lights. This is a new teleprompter. This means there will be less mistakes, but I might still make some mistakes. Look at this back light. New graphics. 

[Graphics shows an updated logo with an animated flying moth landing on the bulb. The words, “powered by CONVO” are at the bottom.”]

Alex: Nice! The purpose of this is to increase efficiency in the workflow, which means more high quality news delivered quickly to you, the Deaf community. [An animated flying moth goes past me] 

Alex: I’m grateful to Convo for believing in The Daily Moth and for supporting this. Wayne Betts Jr, Convo’s Co-founder — [Graphic of WB appears] — wait, let’s see him in person. Come on over! 

[Wayne walks into the room, stands by Alex]

Wayne: Hello! We at Convo are really thrilled. We watch Alex with The Daily Moth everyday and it really does support and contribute to the Deaf community. It brings recognition to Deaf businesses and it is news in ASL — it is “sign-centric.” 

We at Convo are thrilled we can partner and support this. Now here is an important part: we have no influence on The Daily Moth’s news. Whatever he wants to say, he will continue to share. Our support is focuses on the visual aspects, how the graphics work, and provide support. We at Convo look forward to seeing what The Daily Moth will become in the future. 

Alex: Yes, again, I am grateful to Convo for your support. If you have any questions or comments, you can go ahead and contact me or comment below. I’ll answer them. 

[Cutaway to The Daily Moth graphic with “powered by CONVO.” A moth flies to the bulb, then the screen turns black and the moth leaves.”

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