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March 3, 2017



Controversy With Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Contacts with Russian Ambassador, ICE Officers Arrest and Detain ‘Dreamer” Who Spoke Out About Immigrant Rights, Deaf Man Mistaken as Suicide Bomber Killed by Police in Pakistan, Deaf Residents Win Lawsuit Against The Villages, and Updates With Murder of Kim Jong Nam. 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, March 2. Ready for news? 




News broke last night that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had contact with Russian government officials while Trump was campaigning for president. The Washington Post newspaper was the first to report it. 


This was revealed by the FBI/Dept. of Justice because they are investigating possible communications between the Russian government and the Trump campaign team. 


Sessions spoke with the Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak in person during the Republican National Convention last summer. They also met privately in his Senate office last fall. 


Sessions was a part of Trump’s campaign team as an advisor and surrogate (supporter/“spokesperson”).


Why is this a big deal? Last January — when Sessions was giving testimony to be confirmed as A.G. — explicitly said he had no contact with Russian officials in his capacity as Trump’s surrogate. 


A.G. Sessions’s spokesperson said he talked with the Russians in his capacity as a Senator, not as a Trump surrogate — and that he had contact with many other ambassadors of other countries. Sessions was unaware that his communications was under investigation.


Sessions himself told NBC News this morning that he has not met with Russians at any time to discuss any political campaign, that the remarks about him are false. 


There are calls by both Republican and Democrat lawmakers for him to recuse himself from the investigation — and strong calls from top Democrats for him to resign.


The White House supported Sessions, saying he was 100% straight during his confirmation testimony and there’s no reason for him to rescue himself from the investigation. President Trump said he has confidence in him and that he shouldn’t recuse himself. 


It is a complicated issue because Sessions as A.G. leads the Dept. of Justice and the FBI.


Update: Sessions announced he would recuse (remove himself) from any investigation related to the campaign of the President. He said he should have been clear and upfront that he talked with the Russian ambassador, but that he never exchanged information related to the campaign. 


Any final decision on any investigation related to the Trump-Russia campaign will go to the Deputy Attorney General: Dana Boente. 




Yesterday ICE officers arrested and detained a 22-year old immigrant from Argentina after she talked in a news conference about immigrant rights. Her name is Daniela Vargas and she is a “dreamer” — which means she was brought into the country illegally as a child by her family.


The family came from Argentina on a visitor’s visa, which only lasted 3 months —  and stayed past the visa and has lived “illegally” in Mississippi since. 


Daniela had legal status to be in America because of her dreamer/DACA visa, and was supposed to keep her status as a dreamer by re-applying for an extension in her visa — but she missed the deadline last November. She said didn’t have the $495 for the application fee at the time — but have applied/paid the fee a few weeks ago. 


Two weeks ago, her father and brother was arrested by ICE officers at their home in Mississippi. She decided to do a news conference yesterday to speak out against immigration raids/deportations. After she left the conference (drove away in her car) — two law enforcement cars pulled her over, handcuffed her, and she is now detained. 


ICE said Daniela overstayed her dreamer/DACA visa and that’s why she is detained. Daniela’s lawyers hope she will be released and then appear before a federal immigration judge to decide if she will be exempt from deportation and allowed to stay.


This is a hot issue because of Daniela’s status as a dreamer/DACA — a category in which Trump said the government would be “easy” on — and because it appears she was targeted by ICE officers since she spoke out at a news conference. 


ICE has said her visa did lapse, and it appears the ICE is very serious about any lapses in visas, even if they are dreamers.




In Pakistan — police officers shot and killed a Deaf man because they thought he was a suicide bomber. The Deaf man’s name is Olas Khan and he sold clothes in the area, using a bicycle with some kind of package to keep his clothes. 


When he was riding past a police check point near a judicial complex, he did not hear police officers calling him to stop — and was shot. A bomb disposal group came and checked the bicycle/packages and found no bombs — just clothes. Olas was taken to the hospital but died. Very sad. 


People protested his death, saying it was police brutality, and demanded the officers involved to be charged with murder. Terrible. 


News Story:




Deaf residents of “The Villages” — a retirement community in Florida — just won their lawsuit against the Villages Charter School for refusing to provide interpreters. 


I reported in December about a group of Deaf residents of The Villages who sued the community for refusing to provide interpreters for their school/college.


After a three-week federal trial, an Orlando jury ruled that the Villages school was supposed to provide interpreters — and awarded $212,000 spread out in varying amounts to 21 out of the 30 plaintiffs.


They were represented by the New York law firm Eisenberg & Baum, who does a lot of cases with deaf rights. One of their lawyers, Andrew Rozynski, said they showed evidence that The Villages had financial ability to afford interpreters but flat-out refused — which was discrimination. 


This is the second time the Villages lost in a lawsuit from Deaf residents — they previously refused to caption their in-community TV programming. Maybe The Villages should read the ADA law.


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Updates with the murder of Kim Jong Nam — who is the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: An autopsy report revealed he died from VX nerve agent — which is a very dangerous substance and classified as chemical weapon and a weapon of mass destruction. Only 10 milligrams of it via skin contact can kill you. 


Two women who applied it on his face at the Malaysian airport have been charged with murder. Both say they thought it was just a prank and have denied knowledge that they were involved in an alleged assassination attempt. They will undergo trial and face the death penalty if found guilty. 


North Korea rejected the autopsy finding that he died of VX — saying Nam probably died of a heart attack and has denied any involvement. 


Relations between Malaysia and North Korea is now strained — previously Malaysia allowed North Koreans to come without visas, but that has been suspended. Malaysia has also refused to transport Nam’s body to North Korea.




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