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March 2, 2017



Recap of Trump’s Speech, Antarctica Posts Record High Temperature, Judge Orders Spectator Jailed for Laughing in Court, Colorado Deaf Man Killed by Train Identified, Former Utah School for Deaf/Blind Employee Jailed for Stealing from School, and Tornado Storms. 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, March 1. Ready for news? 




Here is a recap of last night’s speech by President Trump. 


He opened it by honoring Black History Month, then condemned the bomb threats against Jewish centers, and the shooting of an Indian immigrant last week in Kansas City. 


The president compared his election with an earthquake — by tens of millions of people who wanted to make America great again.


Trump said since he was elected, many companies have announced they would invest billions into the U.S. and create thousands of new American jobs, and that the stock market has gained almost 3 trillion dollars in value — (now the DOW is above 21,000 points).  


Trump repeated his promise to build a great wall and defend America from radical Islamic terrorism. He said his administration is working on a plan to destroy ISIS.


He said we need to make it easier for companies to do business in the U.S. and harder for them to leave. He called for fair trade with other countries. Trump said he would reduce taxes on American companies and introduce tax relief for the middle class. 


The president said he will ask Congress to approve a $1 trillion investment in U.S. infrastructure, financed with public and private funds. 


He asked Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare — saying in order to make insurance available to everybody, the cost must be lower. He emphasized access to insurance for people with pre-existing conditions and called for a reduction in high medical and prescription costs.


President Trump then introduced to the audience Megan Crowley. She has a rare disease (Pompe Disease) and was not expected to live past 5, but because his father wouldn’t give up on fighting to find a cure for her, she is now 20 and a Notre Dame college student. Trump said the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) needed to reduce its approval process in order to create more medical advances. 


He introduced Kenisha Merriweather, saying she was raised in poverty, struggled in school, failing 3rd grade twice, but after getting a tax credit scholarship to a private school, she is the first in her family to graduate from both high school and college. Trump said millions of African-American and Latino children should be free to choose the public, private, charter, magnet, religious, or home school that is right for them. 


Trump then recognized police officers and sheriffs, saying we must work with them, not against them. He then introduced four people who had a family member murdered by a undocumented immigrant. Trump called for a new government outreach office named Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) and said we will always honor their memory. 


The president then called for a huge increase in military spending and called for more funding for veterans, saying they have delivered for our nation and we must deliver for them. 

In the most emotional moment of the night, Trump introduced Carryn Owens, who is the widow of William Owens — the first American solider to die under Trump’s administration. Trump said he was a hero.


The camera and the audience’s eyes was on Carryn for several minutes as she struggled to hold back tears with a thunderous standing ovation from the audience. Ivanka was standing beside her. Trump said we would never forget him and that he broke a record (because of the long applause). 


[Note: This was an important moment for Trump — because William Owens’ father recently criticized President Trump for approving this mission only a week after he was inaugurated and said his death was unnecessary. The father refused to meet with Trump when he came to visit his casket — and has called for an investigation. Trump has defended himself by saying the mission was planned during the Obama administration and that generals endorsed the mission. Trump said even though there was a death, that it was a successful operation with valuable information obtained.]


Back to the speech — Trump said in 1876 — which is America’s 100-year anniversary — various inventors, including Alexander Graham Bell (who we the Deaf people call an audist) displayed their creations and that Graham invented the telephone (which many of us dispute), then pointed to what we could create by our 250th year (in 2026). He called for cures to diseases, space travel, reduction in poverty, safety, and prosperity. 


The President closed his speech by asking all citizens to embrace the renewal of the American spirit, asking all members of Congress to join him in dreaming big and bold, and asked everybody watching to believe in themselves, their future, and in America. 






A research base on the Antarctica plateau (the main landmass of the island/continent) just announced a record hot temperature — 63.5 degrees F (or 17.5 degrees C). 


This was at the northern tip of Antarctica — the temperature was documented in 2015 (it take years to verify the temperatures). 


The continent has 90% of the world’s fresh water, frozen as ice, and if it was to all melt, it would raise sea levels worldwide by 200 feet. Scientists have been looking at both Antarctica and the North Pole to keep track of the impact of global warming. 


The previous record high temperature for the Antarctica region (anything below 60 degrees latitude) was 67.6 degrees F (or 19.8 C) at Signy Island. But for the main landmass, there's a new record.




Last Friday in a courtroom in Michigan — a judge ordered a spectator to be jailed because she was laughing during sentencing proceedings for her 25-year old daughter who, last summer, drove drunk and killed a man and severely injured his fiancee.

During sentencing proceedings — the judge, Qiana Lillard, heard two people laughing in the audience, a male and a female. Judge Lillard called the man laughing a clown and said he could leave. 


Then the judge told the mother, who was also laughing, that she disrupted the court and she would go to jail for 93 days for contempt of court. She was taken away by an officer. 


The judge then sentenced Amanda Kosa, the daughter, to 3 to 15 years in prison for the DUI crash. 


Later that day the mother came back to face the judge and apologized. Her 93-day sentence was reduced to one day, time served. 


The video of the incident went viral with many people praising Judge Lillard. She posted on her Facebook page thanking people for their comments. 


News Story:


Judge Lillard Page:




Remember the Deaf person from Colorado who was killed when a train hit him? He has been identified — his name is Saw Eh and he is a refugee from Myanmar. 


Saw’s mother told media that her family moved here six years ago and that Saw crossed the train tracks every day. At the time of his death, the rail was testing its line — the commuter train officially opened a few days after Saw’s death.


Saw’s brother-in-law said Saw probably assumed there would be no train since there were frequent testing of the warning light and crossing arms, without no train passing. He believes Saw did not realize that there would be an actual train crossing on that day. 


The mother said she found out her son died after coming back from church and cried a lot. She said she has been suffering since — that he was honest, obedient, and very helpful around the house. Very sad. 


News Story:




A former financial analyst at the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind was convicted of stealing $67,000 from the school and was sentenced to a month in jail and will have to pay back the $67,000. 


The woman’s name is Leslie Sue White and she worked at the school for 17 years before getting fired last year. 


I reported about the crime last year — she used the school’s credit card to make various food store purchases and gifts for her child, totaling around $67,000. She used various creative account tricks to get away with it. She did this from Nov 2011 to April 2016. 


Previous Story (Video Only:


News Story:




For the past two days there were serious storms with over 20 tornadoes in the Midwest. At least three people died. 


One person died in Missouri when he drove his car into junked cars — a twister pulled up cars from a junkyard and blew them all over the highway. 


Two people died in Illinois — one when a tree fell on him and another when his home was hit by a tornado. Many people were injured. Terrible. Tornadoes also touched down in Iowa and Indiana. 


The storms continued today in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio and will continue to threaten the Eastern U.S. today. Stay safe, everybody. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 


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