Racist Georgia Couple Sentenced to Prison for Terroristic Threats

February 28, 2017



In Georgia — a young couple was sentenced to several years in prison for being a part of a convoy of 7 pick-up trucks with confederate and military flags who went to a 8-year old black child’s birthday party, threatened them with shotguns, and said they would kill all of them — using the (N-word). 


This was in July 2015. When the family called the police, they saw that the trucks were on the family’s property but allowed the people to leave without making any charges or arrests, saying there was no evidence of them making threats with weapons.


But in October 2015, after a police investigation that included looking through the Facebook accounts of the people involved, a grand jury charged 15 members of the group — which was named, “Respect the Flag,” with violations of Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism Act and with making terroristic threats. 


The young couple, Jose Torres and Kayla Norton, was found guilty by a jury trial earlier this month. Apparently Jose was the one who pointed the shotgun and threatened to kill the party-goers while Kayla encouraged him to shoot the children. 


Both were sentenced yesterday — Jose got 13 years in prison and Kayla got 6 years in prison. Both will have to serve extended probation after prison and are banished from Douglas County, GA. The judge said their actions were motivated by racial hatred. 


The couple cried as they were sentenced. Kayla said she was so sorry and that it was “not me, not him” — that they would never walk up to them and say those words. 


One of the people at the party said what the couple did affected her and her children’s lives, but that she forgave the couple and the others. 


It is not clear what will happen to the remaining 13 people from the group. Apparently some of them pled guilty and got shorter sentences. 





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