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February 28, 2017



Actor Bill Paxton Passes Away at 61, President Trump Proposes $54 Billion Increase in Military Spending, Embarrassing Snafu At Oscars, Marlee Matlin Wins Ruderman Foundation Award, Kansas City Shooting Kills Indian Immigrant, and #DeafBing: Half Empty 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, February 27. Hope your weekend was good. Ready for today’s news? 




Actor Bill Paxton passed away unexpectedly on Saturday at the age of 61 — he died due to complications from surgery. Many know him from his roles in Big Love, Twister, Titanic, Apollo 13, Tombstone, and Aliens. He was a very talented actor and it is a big loss for Hollywood. He will be in a upcoming movie, “The Circle” — with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. RIP Bill Paxton.




President Trump has made a budget proposal — he is looking to increase military spending by 10% — which is a $54 billion increase — while offsetting the same amount of funds from non defense agencies. It seems like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and foregin aid will have the most cuts. Most federal agencies will see an reduction in their budgets.

Social Security and Medicare budgets will be left untouched — Trump will not seek to increase nor reduce it. 

The budget proposal “starts” the process to determine the budget for the next fiscal year, which starts on October 1. The proposal will be given to Congress, where they will start making a budget resolution and starts the process to set the federal budget for 2018, voting is expected sometime in the fall.


Clarification: The budget might not be signed by the President in time (by October 1). Congressional resolutions can be used to continue and fund agencies at their current levels. 


Handy Guide to Federal Budget Process:




Last night the movie “La La Land” won Best Picture. Congratulations to them.

NOT! I’m kidding you I’m sure you’ve seen it last night, the big mix-up at the Oscars when the wrong movie was announced as the Best Picture. It was actually “Moonlight,” congratulations to the team. 


What happened: the wrong envelope was given to the the two people announcing the award. The envelope was meant to announce Emma Stone as Best Actress for her role in “La La Land,” which was awarded to her before the Best Picture announcement. How it works — there are two envelopes for each award, on either side of the stage, and apparently someone mixed up the envelopes for the Best Picture award. 


The organization responsible for the awards is PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an international accounting firm. They have been responsible for over 80 years to tabulate and protect the vote totals from members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to determine the award winners. Apparently they’ve done a great job up until last night. The company issued a statement saying they sincerely apologize for the error, deeply regret it, and are investigating. 


Big embarrassment for the Oscars, and sadly it took away the magical moment the “Moonlight” team deserved, but they have the golden trophies. Steve Harvey is also released from the burden of having the most embarrassing awards show mix-up when he mistakenly awarded Miss Colombia the Miss Universe pageant in 2015 — it was actually meant for Miss Philippines.


So Steve Harvey: You are off the hook. That burden is now on PriceWaterHouse(Coopers.)  




Deaf actress Marlee Matlin won her Oscar award 30 years ago — the Best Actress award for her role in “Children of a Lesser God.” She was 21 when she won the award. That is easily one of the greatest achievements of the Deaf community. 


There was an article last weekend on LA Times about her and her experience winning the award, and a discussion of disabled people in the TV/film industry. 


She said that the day after winning the award, she read two negative articles saying her win was a “pity vote,” that she was not “acting” because she was a deaf person playing a deaf role, and that she would never work again because she was deaf and did not speak. Marlee said she felt like the columnists defined who she was — that she was disappointed, but put it aside to look forward to what was next.  


Marlee said in another article, on Washington Post, that she is the only second person with a tisalbity to win the award. The other was from 1947 — Harold Russell — who while in the Army lost both of his hands in a freak explosion — won two Oscars for his role in “The Best Years of our Lives.” 


Marlee said not much has changed today — pointing out that in TV and film, only 1 percent of roles is a character with a disability, and of that one percent, only five percent of the actors for those roles are disabled in real life. She said she encourages producers to create roles that doesn’t dwell on the disability but to create smart and creative roles that happens to cast a disabled person. 


She said she doesn’t “get scripts every day” — that sometimes people tell her that they don’t know how to write for her, that they don’t want to see subtitles if she is signing, and doesn’t want the audience to be uncomfortable with the voice. 


At the end of the article, Marlee suggested the idea that Deaf people should create content ourselves, since we have various video/internet streaming services. 


Marlee recently received a $100,000 award from the Ruderman Family Foundation — the Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion. The foundation is focused on advocating and advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities.


In giving the award, the foundation said she is a lifelong activist for people with disabilities, has 59 acting credits, a Golden Globes win, and 14 nominations for various awards over her career. Nice honor — a previous recipient was former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin for his role in the ADA act.


The foundation created a nice video with clips of Hollywood celebrities congratulating Marlee on her win — they included Whoopi Goldberg, Arsenio Hall, Henry Winkler, and others. 


Congratulations, Marlee!




Last Wednesday night in the Kansas City area, a 51-year old US Navy veteran shot and killed a 32-year old immigrant/aviation engineer from India after shouting, “get out of my country!” 


The gunman’s name is Adam Purinton, the victim’s name Srinivas Kuchibhotla. Two others were wounded in the shooting, but survived.


What happened: Adam was at the bar, drinking a lot, and started to hurl racial slurs towards Srinivas and his friend/co-worker, also an Indian immigrant, Alok Madasani (both worked at Garmin). 


Adam apparently said, “get out of my country.” A 24-year old man, Ian Grillot, stepped in to defend the three men and asked Adam to leave, saying it was a family restaurant and that there was no reason to act like that. 


Adam got into his pickup truck and left, but returned with a gun. When inside, he targeted the two Indian men and shot at them. 


Ian said during the shooting, he thought he heard nine gunshots go off and figured he was reloading, so he tried to subdue Adam, but was shot in the hand and chest. 


The three men were taken to the hospital — where Srinivas died. Alok and Ian were wounded but will survive. 


Adam left the scene after the shooting and drove 70 miles away to an Applebee’s restaurant in Missouri and told the bartender that he shot two Middle-eastern men in Kansas and that he was hiding from police. The bartender called 911 and police came and arrested him. 


Adam was later charged with premeditated murder and two counts of attempted murder. It is also possible he will face hate crime charges — there is a FBI investigation now. 


Srinivas’ remains will be brought to India today. There are GoFundMe pages for both Srinivas and Ian — both have raised over 400,000. Links below. 


Srinivas’ widow, Sunayana Dumala, said before the shooting, she shared her concerns with her husband about their safety in America and about shootings, suggesting they go back to India — but that Srinivas told her that they would be okay because only good things happen to good people.Very sad, now he is gone. 


It is possibly the second recent high-profile hate crime shooting against either Middle-Eastern or Indian people — we remember the shooting at the Quebec city mosque last month — a 27-year old college student shot and killed six people and wounded 19 others.




Yesterday I posted a “Deaf Bing!” on my IG/Facebook — check it out!


[Video of Alex standing outside holding a coffee mug. He says, “Deaf Bing (Tend): When you’re talking at a Deaf gathering and you greet others, you spill your coffee (because you are signing). When you’re done, you see you don’t have much coffee]


That Deaf Bing! That’s all for today, see you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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