Moonlight Wins Best Picture after Oscars Snafu

February 27, 2017



Last night the movie “La La Land” won Best Picture. Congratulations to them.

NOT! I’m kidding you I’m sure you’ve seen it last night, the big mix-up at the Oscars when the wrong movie was announced as the Best Picture. It was actually “Moonlight,” congratulations to the team. 


What happened: the wrong envelope was given to the the two people announcing the award. The envelope was meant to announce Emma Stone as Best Actress for her role in “La La Land,” which was awarded to her before the Best Picture announcement. How it works — there are two envelopes for each award, on either side of the stage, and apparently someone mixed up the envelopes for Best Actress, used it for the Best Picture award. 


The organization responsible for the awards is PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an international accounting firm. They have been responsible for over 80 years to tabulate and protect the vote totals from members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to determine the award winners. Apparently they’ve done a great job up until last night. The company issued a statement saying they sincerely apologize for the error, deeply regret it, and are investigating. 


Big embarrassment for the Oscars, and sadly it took away the magical moment the “Moonlight” team deserved, but they have the golden trophies. Steve Harvey is also released from the burden of having the most embarrassing awards show mix-up when he mistakenly awarded Miss Colombia the Miss Universe pageant in 2015 — it was actually meant for Miss Philippines.


So Steve Harvey: You are off the hook. That burden is now on PriceWaterHouse(Coopers.) 

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