Kansas City Shooting Kills Indian Immigrant

February 28, 2017



Last Wednesday night in the Kansas City area, a 51-year old US Navy veteran shot and killed a 32-year old immigrant/aviation engineer from India after shouting, “get out of my country!” 


The gunman’s name is Adam Purinton, the victim’s name Srinivas Kuchibhotla. Two others were wounded in the shooting, but survived.


What happened: Adam was at the bar, drinking a lot, and started to hurl racial slurs towards Srinivas and his friend/co-worker, also an Indian immigrant, Alok Madasani (both worked at Garmin). 


Adam apparently said, “get out of my country.” A 24-year old man, Ian Grillot, stepped in to defend the three men and asked Adam to leave, saying it was a family restaurant and that there was no reason to act like that. 


Adam got into his pickup truck and left, but returned with a gun. When inside, he targeted the two Indian men and shot at them. 


Ian said during the shooting, he thought he heard nine gunshots go off and figured he was reloading, so he tried to subdue Adam, but was shot in the hand and chest. 


The three men were taken to the hospital — where Srinivas died. Alok and Ian were wounded but will survive. 


Adam left the scene after the shooting and drove 70 miles away to an Applebee’s restaurant in Missouri and told the bartender that he shot two Middle-eastern men in Kansas and that he was hiding from police. The bartender called 911 and police came and arrested him. 


Adam was later charged with premeditated murder and two counts of attempted murder. It is also possible he will face hate crime charges — there is a FBI investigation now. 


Srinivas’ remains will be brought to India today. There are GoFundMe pages for both Srinivas and Ian — both have raised over 400,000. Links below. 


Srinivas’ widow, Sunayana Dumala, said before the shooting, she shared her concerns with her husband about their safety in America and about shootings, suggesting they go back to India — but that Srinivas told her that they would be okay because only good things happen to good people.Very sad, now he is gone. 


It is possibly the second recent high-profile hate crime shooting against either Middle-Eastern or Indian people — we remember the shooting at the Quebec city mosque last month — a 27-year old college student shot and killed six people and wounded 19 others.   







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