Deaf Woman Wins $100k Settlement from NYC/NYPD

February 23, 2017

A Deaf woman won a $100,000 settlement from the city of New York City/NYPD after she sued them for jailing her overnight and denying her an ASL interpreter. 


Her name is Opal Gordon (54). She was arrested September 2015 when she left the Manhattan Family Court related to a child custody case. NYPD police arrested on a violation of a protection order — but did not explain her why they arrested her, did not read her Miranda rights, and kept her in custody overnight. 


Opal asked for an interpreter but was denied repeatedly — and after 21 hours, one was finally provided. Opal filed a lawsuit on December 2015 and now she’s won a $100k settlement. 


It is the latest large settlement from the city of NY to a Deaf person who was mistreated by NYPD.


I previously reported about a Deaf woman who won a $80k settlement for wrongful arrest when she called police after getting in a car accident — and was scared of the other driver, who was hearing. When police arrived, they only listened to the hearing person’s side of the story and arrested her and held her in jail for 24 hours without an interpreter. 


The city also paid a settlement of $750,000 to a Deaf woman/landlord in 2015 for wrongful arrest. In that instance she and her husband tried to evict a hearing tenant who did not pay rent. The deaf couple said the tenants threatened them with a gun — so they called the police, but when police arrived, they only listened to the hearing tenants and arrested her and eld her in jail for 24 hours and did not provide her an interpreter.


Local News Story:


Moth Report about $80k Settlement (FB Link):


Story about $750k Settlement:


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