Anaheim Off-Duty Officer Fires Gun in Altercation with Middle School Boy

February 23, 2017


Yesterday afternoon in Anaheim, California — there was a physical altercation between an off-duty LAPD officer at his home — with a 13-year old boy — that led to the officer firing a single shot. 


It was caught on cell phone video by other students and it led to protests last night in which 24 people were arrested. 


The off-duty officer said teens often walked across his lawn — and when a girl walked across his lawn — the officer said something to the girl, possibly he said the c-word, which prompted the teen boy to defend her. 


It led to the officer and the teen holding each other in a physical struggle. More students came to the scene — one of them ran and tried to tackle the officer. That was when the officer, still holding the boy, pulled out his gun and fired a single shot — which caused the students to disperse. The gunshot didn’t hit anybody.  


The off-duty officer called 911 and when police arrived, they arrested the 13-year old boy and another teenager, but later released them. The off-duty officer said the boys threatened to shoot him, but the teens said they only threatened to sue him. 


The family of the boy said they would sue, saying it was not necessary to pull out a gun and fire it, that it could have killed the boy. Many protesters feel the officer should have been arrested instead of the boys. The city said they would investigate. 


Local News Story/Videos:

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