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February 22, 2017



Scientists Discover 7 Earth-Like Planets, Mexico Says They Won’t Accept New U.S. Immigration Rules, Muslim Volunteers Help Jewish Cemetery Clean-Up Effort, NYC Male Models Rescue Teens in Icy Pond, Indiana Teenager Girls Murdered, Deaf NASA Employee Charged with Sale of Counterfeit Goods, and Deaf Contestant in Poland’s Dancing with the Stars




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, February 22. Ready for news? 




Scientists announced today that they’ve found a cluster of planets 40 light-years away that could support life. There are seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around a small star/sun named TRAPPIST-1 and it is possible those planets have liquid water and forms of life — alien life. 


The planets are rocky, like Earth and are in the “Goldilocks zone” — which means that they are not too cold nor too hot (like Earth is). Now scientists are trying to detect signs of oxygen (which shows there are plants) or methane (which can come from microbes). 


Scientists plan to send out a new telescope in 2018 that will provide better measurements of the chemicals — such as ozone and carbon dioxide. It might take ten years before scientists will know if there is life or not, though. 


They say if you could stand on one of the planets, you would see a salmon-colored sun that is brighter than the moon but less bright than our sun. You would see various planets, twice the size of the moon, moving across the sky.

Wow… we’re closer and closer to Star Wars. 




Mexico’s Foregin Minister Luis Vinegary said he would not accept the U.S.’ new immigration rules — referring to the memo issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security yesterday. There was one specific part of the memo that said the U.S. can deport undocumented immigrants from Central American countries to Mexico. Previously the U.S. would send them back via plane back to their original countries, but that’s changed after yesterday’s memo. It would require Mexican cooperation in order to arrange the deportation of Central American undocumented immigrants. 


Mexico says the government of Mexico and the Mexican people do not have to accept what one government wants to impose (force) on another. He also said he might bring up the issue to the United Nations, saying immigrants had rights. 


Mexico will also probably see a big increase in people coming from the U.S. into Mexico because of the new DHS memo yesterday that calls for an expedited deportation of any undocumented immigrant that DHS or ICE officers apprehend. Previously excited deportation only applied to people caught within 100 miles of the border — but now this applies to everywhere in the U.S.


The U.S. Sec. of State Tillerson and DHS Sec. Kelly are in Mexico today and tomorrow to meet with the Mexican administration. We’ll see what comes out of those meetings.




A group of Muslim volunteers worked together to help and repair the damage from recent vandalism of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis. They also raised over $80,000 to support the clean-up of over 170 graves. The group’s name is “Muslims Untie to Repair Jewish Cemetery.”


On the website, it said the Muslim-American community stands in solidarity with the Jewish-American community to condemn this horrific act. They hoped to send a message of unity. 


The Missouri Governor also planned to go to the cemetery today to help with the clean-up and has invited people to come and help. Wow. this is a great example of love defeating hate. 




Local News:




In New York City — two male models/friends were skateboarding in Central Park — and when they stopped to take a picture of the sunset — they saw a group of 7 teenagers, ages 13-17, playing on a top of an icy pond. The ice cracked when all the kids got together for a picture. Both friends immediately went to the pond, jumped in, and saved the teenagers. They said it was a struggle because some of the teens pulled each other down, but all 7 got out and are okay. The models/friends (one from Australia, one from California) said they didn’t feel the cold because of the adrenaline. Wow, what a relief for the seven teens! 






In Indiana — two teenager girls, Abby (13) and Libby (14), were murdered at a hiking trail in Delphi — 70 miles northwest of Indianapolis. They went hiking last Monday and did not show up when their family went to pick them up — prompting a search for them. Their bodies were found last Tuesday under an abandoned railroad bridge. Sadly, the last image of the girls was a Snapchat picture of Abby walking on the bridge, which is pretty high off the ground. 


Police has not released a cause of death but have released a photo of a man that they want the community to help and identify — this photo was a screenshot from a video that one of the girls took with their cell phone. It also had a male’s voice saying, “down the hill.” 


There is currently a reward of $41,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever killed them. Right now there is a huge investigation with over 20 FBI agents and officers from the Indiana State Police. The police superintendent said that this is a clear example of the evil that lives among us — and said if the killer was watching, that they will find him/her.

Very sad, I’ll provide updates as they come — hope they catch the person responsible ASAP.




Last month a Deaf person from Washington, D.C. — Arthur Chan (31) — pled guilty to a federal charge of trafficking in counterfeit (fake) goods. He sold clothes and accessories on eBay that looked like brand-name clothes/accessories. 


The Dept. of Justice posted a release that said from 2013 to 2016, he imported items from India that looked identical to Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, or Fred Perry items. He used a mailbox at a UPS store in Lanham and at his personal residence in D.C. to receive the items. He made around 610 sales of those fake items and earned $37,246. 


During the investigation, law enforcement seized over 150 different fake brand-name accessories and items, including fake brand-name packaging. 


Several organizations worked together to investigate Arthur — a U.S. Attorney, ICE, Homeland Security, the NASA Office of Inspector General, and the real Hugo Boss company — based in Germany — contributed.


According to the release, Arthur worked as a resources analyst at the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD — which is why the NASA was involved in this investigation. He is expected to be sentenced on May 9, 2017 and faces a likely range of 10 to 16 months in prison, a fine up to $55,000, and will have to pay back the $37,246 he earned. 


DOJ Press Release:

NASA OIG Release:




A Deaf woman from Poland, Iwona Cichosz, who won Miss Deaf International 2016, is now a contestant on Poland’s Dancing with the Stars. The show will start March 3. See this short promo: 


[Clip of Iwona signing and posing in her DWTS dress]


Very cool! I have no idea how we can watch it, but the DWTS Poland have a Facebook page — and we can follow it on March to see updates and what their dances look like. Hope Iwona will get the Mirrorball, just like Nyle DiMarco did! 


DWTS Poland Fan Club:

Iwona Instagram Page:

Iwona Miss Deaf Int’l 2016 Interview:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 












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