President Trump Blasts Media and Denies Russian Connections

February 17, 2017


Today President Trump gave a press conference — his first solo conference as President. He said he did not direct Flynn to talk with the Russian ambassador, but that he would have because that was his job. He said he was fired because he misled the Vice President Mike Pence. 


Yesterday there were multiple media reports that said Trump already knew of Flynn talking with the Russian diplomat — but that VP Mike Pence did not even know about it until two weeks later. So there might be a trust issue between the President and the Vice President, but that’s only a media assumption.


President Trump lashed out at the media today saying that when he turns on the TV or reads the newspapers, he sees stories of chaos in the White House — but he is saying that the White house and the administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. 


There were many recent media reports that said U.S. intelligence sources concluded Trump’s campaign managers were in contact with (and was paid by) Russians during the campaign, and suggested that President Trump might have financial ties to Russia. President Trump said he owes nothing in Russia, no loans in Russia — and said it was fake news that he was in contact with Russia. He said he never made a phone call to Russia in years. Trump was mad about the many leaks to the media about his inner workings in the White House or with his calls with world leaders — saying it was a criminal act. 


There’s a continuing chorus of calls by lawmakers for an investigation in connections between President Trump and Russia, and Trump is doing his best to squash media reports or lawmakers’ calls for an investigation.


Trump even said the greatest thing he could do was to shoot a Russian spy ship (that is actually currently 30 miles off shore Delaware — in international waters). He wouldn’t say what he’d do with the ship. Trump also said he was working on a secret plan to deal with North Korea and Iran. 

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