North Korea Leader's Half Brother Assassinated

February 15, 2017


The *half-brother of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, was apparently murdered yesterday in Malaysia. His name is Kim Jong Nam. He was at the Kuala Lumpr International Airport where he died after a female (or two females) either wrapped his head with a cloth doused with a dangerous liquid or stabbed him with poisoned needles. He was rushed to the hospital but died on the way. The females escaped the airport after the attack. It is not clear who they were and what their motive was. There are rumors that the killing was ordered by Kim Jong Un. 


His father was Kim Jong il, the second-generation leader of North Korea (1994-2011). Kim Jong Nam was once considered as a possible successor to Kim Jong il but he lost the trust of his father and North Korean government because he tried to use a fake passport to enter Japan (to visit Disneyland). He had views that advocated for relations with the world and a different government system. He lived for periods of time in China and did not attend his father’s funeral in 2011 — and was known as being outside of the reclusive circle of North Korea leadership. 


Sad for Kim Jong il, but it is not a surprising move from North Korea (if they were behind this) because there are reports that Kim Jong Un have ordered more than 300 people to be executed ever since he came to power. 


Clarification: I incorrectly said he was Kim Jong Un’s brother — he is his half brother.

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