Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser

February 15, 2017

Last night Michael Flynn handed in his resignation letter. He’s out as National Security Adviser, less than a month into his new position. The controversy with his call with a Russian diplomat discussing the Obama sanctions and his apparent misleading the VP and President is what doomed him. 


The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said President Trump asked Flynn to resign because he lost his trust.

Flynn was one of the first people that Trump brought in as his leadership team — he was announced as the national security adviser on November 18. He gave a fiery speech during the Republican National Convention and encouraged the crowds to say “Lock Her Up!” about Hillary Clinton. He said if he did just a tenth of what Hillary did, he would be in jail.


Currently Keith Kellogg, who is the chief of staff at the National Security Council, is acting as interim national security adviser. The White House is now working on finding a long-term replacement for Flynn. 


More information about what happened from the Washington Post — the FBI, before Trump was inaugurated, did an investigation in Flynn’s calls and determined he did discuss sanctions. 


The previous acting attorney general, Sally Yates (who was fired by Trump for refusing to support his travel ban), knew of the FBI’s investigation and wanted to warn the Trump transition team, but the FBI director Comey said no — because it could complicate the FBI’s investigation of Russian ties with the Trump team.  


On January 23, White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer told media that Flynn did not discuss sanctions during his calls. Apparently Spicer didn’t know what was going on, that Flynn misled the White House about his calls. 


So Yates asked Comey again for “permission” to notify the White House and got the green light. Yates told the White House counsel McGahn January 23 about the call. 


This means it is highly probable that Trump knew of the Flynn situation all this time without any immediate action against him — it was only until the current media controversy that Flynn handed in his resignation. 


It’s raised even more questions and pressure on the White House — was Flynn acting alone or was others aware? Did Trump know about this? There are some Republican and Democrat lawmakers that have called for an investigation and they want Flynn to testify. 


The White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer said the White House knew about Flynn’s call, but determined that it was not a legal issue — but asked for his resignation because it became an issue of trust, that they couldn’t trust Flynn anymore. 


We’ll see what happens with the investigation that will possibly require Flynn to testify. 

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