First Deportation of Undocumented Immigrant Under Trump's Administration

February 9, 2017


Last night in Phoenix, Arizona — there were protesters who tried to stop a undocumented Mexican immigrant from being deported. Her name is Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos (35) and she is a mother of two U.S. born children. She came to the U.S. when she was 14. 

She was detained when she went into the ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement office for a check-in. She was ordered to visit the office every six months ever since she was arrested in 2008 in a raid at a water park she worked at (to catch illegal immigrants). She got a felony for using a false document (apparently a fake social security card). But she was allowed to say in the U.S. with regular check-ins with the ICE. A judge in 2013 ordered her to be deported, but it was not enforced since the Obama administration preferred to focus on deporting illegal immigrants that threatened public safety, had ties with gangs, or did serious criminal offenses. 

Now that Trump is president and with his executive order to focus on detaining/deporting illegal immigrants with a criminal record, it seems to have affected the ICE’s procedures, since after Guadalupe checked in the ICE (with her family and activists supporting her) — she was detained in a van, seemingly on its way to a detention facility or to be deported across the border. 

Protesters swarmed the van and one person wrapped himself around a van’s tire to prevent it from moving. Guadalupe’s two kids were among the group. Seven protesters were arrested and removed, and the van rolled back in the building. 

Guadalupe’s husband says he doesn’t know where she is — and it is possible that by now, she has already been transported out of the facility. Her lawyers are fighting the decision. 

This might be the first arrest and deportation of an illegal immigrant under Trump’s administration. We can expect more in the future, because Trump’s executive order allows individual ICE officers to decide if the illegal immigrant is a threat to the public or not. 

Some say it’s a terrible thing for America to do this to undocumented immigrants who don’t pose a serious criminal risk and is a mother to U.S. citizens — while some say she should not have used a fake social security card and should have applied for a green card through legal means.




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