Syria Mass Hangings in Prison

February 7, 2017


There are reports of a prison in Syria that have hanged 13,000 people who are suspected as opponents of the the al-Assad regime. This is at the Saydnaya Prison, north of Damascus. 

From 2011 to 2015, 20 to 50 people were hanged every week, directed by the military police and done after a “sham trial” of one or two minutes. 

This is on top of a report last year that said more than 17,000 people since died while jailed — from torture and bad treatment — since 2011. 

Amnesty International is the organization that made the reports after interviewing former prisoners and officials. They say ever since the Syrian government re-took the city of Aleppo in December, they have been conducting mass detentions around the city to try and find who is opposed to al-Assad, who were a part of protests against them, even targeting nurses who helped people injured from the civil war or people who repaired rebels’ cars. 

The UN said last month that they have a list of hundreds of men who were reported missing and are deeply concerned about their fate. It appears that Iranian-backed militias are helping the Syrian soldiers with the arrests and control of Aleppo. 

There is now a cease-fire in Syria, but still serious opposition between the rebels and regime. Last month there were peace talks between Russia, Turkey, Syrian rebels and regime. The U.S. was not involved with those talks. We now have a new President and a new administration, and we’ll see how they approach the Syrian situation, especially with their now “warm” relationship with Russia, who is a main ally of al-Assad.




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