Canadian Mosque Terrorism Updates

February 2, 2017


Updates with the Canadian mosque shooting that killed six men and injured 17 on Sunday night — the suspected gunman, 27-year old Alexandre Bissonnette, was charged on Monday with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. He will remain in custody until his next court appearance on February 21. 

The Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said the shooting was an act of terrorism and he could face terrorism charges later. 

Alexandre was a student at the Universite Laval, which is close to the mosque (in Quebec City). There is little information on who he is or what his motive was, but his social media postings show that he had anti-immigrant and anti-feminist views and is a fan of Donald Trump, Katy Perry, and a supporter of a right-wing and anti-immigration French politician Marine Le Pen. He has a twin brother — who said Alexandre was bullied at school for being a nerd and did not have many friends growing up. Another person said around a month ago, he became withdrawn from his friends. 

A member of the mosque said he met Alexandre when he was visiting the mosque three days before the shooting (on Thursday). He wore a long black coat and a backpack and said he loved kabab (Middle-eastern grilled meat) and shisha (hookah). He asked the member for money, then left.

Witnesses said during the shooting, he went into the mosque, didn’t speak, and just shot at people. One of the worshippers ran towards the gunman, apparently to try and stop him, but was shot dead before reaching him. His name was Azzeddine Soufiane, who worked as a halal grocery owner. 

There was a GoFundMe page that raised over 300,000 for the six men. Here is an image of the men and their occupations. [] 

Today there were funeral services for three of the victims and the Canadian PM Trudeau was in attendance. He said that as a community and as a country, we will rise from this darkness stronger and more unified than ever before. 

Two of the bodies will be returned to their native country of Algeria and another will be returned to Tunisia. There were prayers for the three other victims. 

Even though the carpets still had blood stains on it and bullet holes on the walls, the mosque was re-opened yesterday. The mosque leaders said they wanted to open it as soon as possible so people can come back and pray — also so the public can see the signs of terror.




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