Rathskellar Armed Robbery Suspect Pleads Guilty

February 1, 2017


Remember when there was an armed robbery at Gallaudet’s Rathskellar restaurant in October? The gunman has been identified, arrested, and pled guilty in a DC court on Monday to a charge of first-degree burglary while armed. 

The man is Donald Williams, 26 — a former employee of the food service department at Gallaudet. He is hearing. He was fired a few weeks before the robbery. On October 22 during the afternoon (when the restaurant was not yet open to the public), Donald wore a mask, pointed a gun at two female employees (one deaf and one hearing) and forced them to the rear of the kitchen, instructing one (hearing) to stay in a storage room and the other one (deaf) in an office where there was a safe that held daily deposits. 

Donald told the employee to open the safe, and when she refused, he struck her on the head with the gun, causing a laceration. Donald then left the office, went to the kitchen, found another female employee (deaf), grabbed her shirt, forced her to go to the office and told her to open the safe. She opened it and Donald left the scene with the money. 

When the MPD Metropolitan Police Department arrived and did interviews with the victims, they said they felt they knew the gunman as a former employee based on his body, skin color, and gait. The female employees had worked with Donald for more than a year. 

The police was able to identify Donald’s car from campus video footage that showed him walking in and out of the building at the same time as the robbery. They also found a video in Donald’s cell phone that showed him dumping a large amount of cash in a bathroom sink. The cash had red bands on it and matched the description that the Rathskellar employees gave. Donald also left his mask at the scene and his DNA was on it. 

He will be sentenced on March 23 and he faces between five to 16 years in prison. 




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