Jeff Sessions As Attorney General

February 1, 2017


Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s pick to be Attorney General, was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 11-9 vote to advance to Senate voting. He is expected to easily get the simple majority of 51 votes needed by next week. He would finally put a stop to the churning Department of Justice — which went into chaos when Trump fired the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates (an holdover from the Obama administration) for refusing to allow the Justice department to defend Trump’s executive order to ban visas/immigrants from seven countries. Trump then appointed Dana Boente, a U.S. Attorney, to revise Yates’ order. 

He would finally become the AG after a very tumultuous confirmation proceedings — in which various activist groups and Democrats objected to his nomination, citing his past in Alabama in which he, as a U.S. attorney, tried and failed to prosecute black activists who helped people in their community register to vote — accusing them of voter fraud. 

Sessions also lost a bid in 1986 to be a federal judge post after others testified that he made racist remarks. But Sessions went on to become the Alabama Attorney General and then was easily elected to be an Alabama Senator, in which role he has served up to now. He is very popular in Alabama and is admired by Senate Republicans. 

Sessions is known for being very tough on immigration, opposing bills that provided a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants, fought against visas for foregin workers, and wants there to be less immigrants in the U.S. He is probably in full support of Trump’s visions of curbing illegal immigration (building the wall in Mexico and of the ban/extreme vetting of immigrants from countries that are compromised by terrorism). 

About the possibility of prosecuting Hillary Clinton (a Trump campaign promise) — Sessions did say he would rescue himself from that process because he had made his views “known” since he showed up at various rallies where people chanted, “Lock her up!” — even though he did not participate in the chants. 

When he is confirmed, he will be a very powerful and very conservative Attorney General in Trump’s administration.



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