Trump Actions and Statements on Border, Immigration, Voter Fraud

January 25, 2017


Lots of news with President Trump — so I’ll just share them all here in one video. 

President Trump visited the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) office today to congratulate the Senate confirmation of new Homeland Sec. John Kelly, who is a retired general. He was also there to announce more executive actions on the US-Mexican border and immigration. 

Trump said that the DHS is a law enforcement agency, but were not allowed to do their “jobs” for a long time by the previous administration. He said he is asking the DHS to strongly enforce laws. Trump said there was a crisis at the border — and that beginning today, the US would take back control of the border. 

He said he just signed two executive orders on a part of immigration reform: one related to the border wall and another related with cutting funding to sanctuary cities. 

Trump said he wanted to build the wall “immediately, calls for 5,000 more border officers to be hired, triple the number of ICE officers, expands detention centers along the border, increase the deportations of undocumented immigrants, end the “catch and release” policy, and prioritize prosecution of criminal offenses by illegal immigrants. Trump also said a new office would be established to support victims of illegal immigrants — then pointed out family members in the audience who had family members killed by undocumented immigrants. Trump said the media did not pay enough attention to those families.

Trump said he would work with Mexico to improve their security as well — by helping to dismantle drug cartels and to “stop” the flow of guns and weapons from the U.S. into Mexico. He said new policies would also deter immigrants that come from Central America.

President Trump has ordered an end of federal grants to sanctuary cities — which are cities that follows a policy of “protecting” undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them or using local government money to deport them. Trump is also restoring a “Secure Communities” program (which Obama ended) that will allow local law enforcement officers to work with federal authorities to cut down illegal immigrants.

Before the appearance at the DHS, President Trump did an interview with ABC News and said the construction of the US-Mexican border wall would start possibly in the next few months — and they are already in the planning stages. Trump said U.S. taxpayer money would be used to start the construction, but that Mexico would pay back the U.S. later in a “form of payment, maybe a complicated form of payment.” Trump said it would be good for both the US and Mexico. 

Mexico has said they refuse to pay for the wall. The Mexican president plans to visit the U.S. next week. 

In separate news, Trump said he there would be a major investigation in voter fraud — saying that there were many voters that were registered in two states, were dead, and that three to five million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton. He has not yet provided any evidence of the voter fraud, but said he has “information” that was presented to him. Many people, including Republican lawmakers, have criticized Trump for making those claims and demanded there be evidence of those claims. We’ll see what happens on that end. 

In yet another news about Trump — he said he is open to bringing back “enhanced interrogation” or torture — because he believes it works, but that he would listen to his Cabinet on what they have to say about the issue. He said we need to bring back torture because of what ISIS is doing and that we have to fight fire with fire. Torture was officially banned in 2015 by Senate vote, which dovetailed with an Obama executive order in 2009. There was a previous Senate report that said the Bush-era approved torture was ineffective and did not produce good intelligence.

There’s been a constant news blitz coming out of the White House ever since he took office last Friday and there’s no signs he will slow down with his many controversial actions, which has sparked multiple groups and organizations to vow they would fight back on Trump on various issues, be it oil pipelines, immigration, women’s health, voting fraud, or torture.




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