Orlando Murder Suspect Markeith Loyd Captured, Appears in Court

January 21, 2017


Remember the manhunt in Orlando for Markeith Loyd, who shot and killed a police officer (Debra Clayton) at a Wal-Mart store on January 9? He was wanted for allegedly killing his former pregnant girlfriend, Sade Dixon. He was caught on Tuesday night and appeared in court this morning. 

When he was captured, he was staying at an abandoned house. He had body armor on and two handguns, one of them with a 100-round magazine. He was handcuffed with the cuffs that belonged to the slain police officer. At the time of his capture, his face was bloodied and he screamed, “they beat me up!” Other officers said he was resisting arrest so he was beaten to submission. He’s been in jail since and was in court this morning — on charges for murdering his former girlfriend (not yet charged for the police officer’s murder) — Markeith was wearing body armor and a net on his head that held a bandage above his eye. 

He told the judge he wanted to represent himself in the trial and then had an outburst where he said the judge and “y’all” have been making up s*** about him, that they said they made it seem like he just “went in there and shot this girl.” He said about his arrest and beating — that the police took away his eye, broke his nose and jaw — and that he did not resist. When he left the courtroom, he told “f*** you” to the judge. 

He will be charged for the shooting death of Debra Clayton later this week. He is also “connected” to another police officer’s death — Norman Lewis — he was on a motorcycle taking part in the manhunt for Markeith the day Debra was shot — he crashed his motorcycle and died.

It is a relief for the city of Orlando that this man is in custody. RIP Debra, Sade, her unborn child, and Norman.





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