Deaf Man Runs Over Body of Hit-and-Run Victim, Reports it to Police

January 21, 2017


I will show you a video of a Deaf man from Florida — David Bicknell — who was in the news this week after he ran over a body of a person who was already dead, apparently from an previous hit-and-run incident. 

David immediately made a U-turn and went into a gas station to write a note to ask the attendant to call the police. He was able to help the police in their investigation through an officer who knew sign language. Here is his video.


(David) Hello, the Daily Moth. I want to thank Alex for broadcasting news in ASL. I love it and enjoy watching it.

Now — Alex asked me to share my experience with what happened that night — Thursday night up to Friday morning. I was on my way home from work. I was driving on US-1 in St. Augustine. I left work — and was driving — not far from work, it was only 3 minutes — and was in an area near the St. Augustine Airport. It was dark, around 1:15 in the mo1:15g. I saw blood on the road but I was not alarmed because it’s common to see blood, maybe it was from a deer, a dog, cat, a raccoon, or an opossum. 

I thought nothing of it and stayed on that lane. And then before I could realize it I saw a body lying on the road and I ran over it. I suddenly thought, “What just happened?” I just ran over that. I was overwhelmed. I made an U-turn to go to a gas station to let the attendant know that I just drove over a body. 

I asked him to contact the police. He gave me a phone (to call them). I said that I couldn’t hear. The attendant called the police as I explained more information on the paper and the attendant relayed that to the police.

When the police arrived at the gas station — the first question they asked me was to point out which car was mine. I showed them my car — and they looked at it. They saw no damage on it and informed other officers that there was no damage. The officers looked under the car and saw something there and relayed that to others. 

The police asked me questions such as my name, information, DL number. Later another officer arrived — and I was pleased to see the officer because the person could sign, I knew this officer. It was a relief because I didn’t want to talk on pen and paper all night. 

Later the police said it was considered a “THI” — a traffic homicide investigation. They said since the victim was dead, they would interview me for a long time, that it’d take all night. I was a little annoyed by this but was glad there was an officer who knew sign language with me. 

I had to wait for another FHP Florida Highway Patrol officer to interview me. The officer used an audio recording and I answered questions. (via the officer who knew sign language.) 

I went to the hospital to have my blood drawn so that they would know I was not “on something” when it happened — even though they knew I was not the person who hit the victim, he was already dead. 

How did I feel when I hit the person? I thought, “What happened? Why was he there in the first place? Why didn’t anybody else help? Why was there nobody contacted? He was just left there lying dead.” I was overwhelmed that I ran over a body. I felt like I desecrated that body. Why would someone else do that (hit the person and leave)? I have no idea.

The next day I found out that the victim’s wife used to work at the same place I worked — and that he has Alzheimer’s disease and that he often walked away form home. His son would catch him from time to time. He was on a waiting list to go to a nursing home, but unfortunately that night his son was not able to catch him as he walked away from home, and he got hit by a car. 

I hope the person who hit the victim would admit that the person did it. I hope the person does it regardless if the person was under the influence or not — so the family can have closure on what happened rather than think about why someone would hit him and leave. 

That is all I have to say in this vlog. 

(Alex) Thank you for your time, David. The person has not been yet publicly identified. Police said they believe it is a maroon Ford vehicle based on a piece left behind near the body. Hope they can catch the person who hit the victim so the family can have some closure. 

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