Content Guidelines and Policies

TDM’s mission is to deliver news in ASL in two categories: Top Stories and Deaf News.

What is considered “newsworthy” is at the discretion of the TDM team/editors. Generally, it should be current, significant in its impact on people or on its uniqueness, concerns a public figure, and/or is a subject many are interested in.

TDM’s other content production is:

  • “Deaf Bing,” based on Deaf cultural humor 

  • Deaf Ecosystem Spotlight Videos in Partnership with Convo 

  • Advertisements for Organizations or Events (Either free, paid, or in-kind) 

  • Special features covering Deaf-related issues


TDM aims to be a neutral platform, to base reports on facts, and to provide both sides’ perspectives if possible. When covering stories or producing various content, it is TDM's aim to discuss the topics in an inclusive way and without using oppressive or "ist/ism" remarks.  


​TDM bases it’s news content for “Top Stories” on widely known an reputable news sources. TDM also uses news aggregators which link to sources from all over the world. TDM aims to not make reports from news sources that have a reputation of obvious bias. 

TDM will cover controversial news topics if it is newsworthy. With those topics, it is TDM’s aim to achieve a balance of reporting facts of what happened while not including content that can be triggering or overly graphic, as well as not include speculation on the motives of the people involved.​

Examples of senstive subjects are: 

  • School shootings

  • Incidents of sexual abuse or physical assault

  • Incidents of hate crimes 

  • Public figures who are accused of, or charged with, or admit misconduct 

  • Suicides

  • Incidents of child endangerment

  • Incidents of racism

  • Animal abuse

  • Incidents of cyberbullying or stalking

If there is a compliant on how a news item is delivered or a certain piece of content produced by TDM, the person can write a public comment under the content or write to 




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